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At F1tech.club you will find not only information from the world of Formula 1, but above all our pre-race analysis and predictions for the race. Based on historical data we try to predict the classification at the finish line. We take many factors into account – the current form of the driver, team or even the specifics of the track. Before the race we publish our forecasts, just after the race we compare official results with ours and try to summarize them briefly. Of course, we are not able to predict everything (e.g. the race in Turkey 2020) and this is not our purpose. Well, we are even happy when our predictions don’t work out – this means that the race was certainly exciting!

After the race we present interesting stats, e.g. the form of the driver in the last races, or an alternative classification, where all drivers who finished the race score. We also present how the position of the driver changes during the season.

Please contact us on Twitter – especially during the races!

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